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Gaia Consort

Music for Freethinking Pagans

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Gaia Consort is a Seattle-area-based poly pagan indie folk rock band formed around Christopher Bingham and his partner/wife/demigoddess Sue Tinney, with the usual additions of jazz cellist Betsy Tinney, violinist Larry Golding, and violist/backup vocalist Sunnie Larsen.

On Big Show occasions, they add bassist Dan Mohler, TJ Morris on drums, Jay Kenney on keyboard and, occasionally, other assorted friends and guests.

It is also the tip of a rather large iceberg, err, community, mostly pagan, mostly poly, and all about good tunes and good fun and pulling together in a Callihanian sense....

At the release concert after-party for Secret Voices, Sue said that there was no way she could thank all of us enough for making what they do possible. The reply? "Sure there is. Keep playing."

Official Band Website: http://www.gaiaconsort.com/
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