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Gratitude [May. 3rd, 2008|04:47 pm]
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how very cool and amazing to be in a band that inspires people...
I think about this fairly often; it's amazing to hear from people that the music has touched them, that it's made a difference... it's so worth the work and the energy and the hard times...
we got a box in the mail today, a 'fairy feast' of a gift, sent on the first of may, from several pagan groups (2 covens and a group of druids and a couple of wild beings, in their self description) - full of candy, frivolity, and really lovely little tokens to be shared with the band. I'm keeping a white and yellow crystal (quartz and something) and a lovely little knife shaped pendant of amber, silver and amethyst - and a bunny peep filled with bubble stuff :-D (I do love bubbles!!). I'll have to work them into my planned future fairy feast pictures... :-)

mmmm... I don't say it enough; I deeply appreciate the expressions of support and love that we so often get from our fans and friends and family... we are truly blessed. Thank you...