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Gaia Consort / Bone Poets Orchestra [Oct. 18th, 2008|06:10 am]
Gaia Consort Fans

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This is the text of a letter from Chris that was handed out at the last two shows. You're going to want to read this if you haven't seen it yet!


Gaia Consort started after we were hit by a giant clue-by-four we called the 'European disaster tour' - a very long story involving theft and deception on a very personal level, which left us recovering from debt and joblessness. Once it became reasonably clear that we were going to be able to recover financially, I began work on recovering my musical soul. It started me down a train of thought that I maintain pretty much most of the time these days; when a choice comes up I ask, "What's important?"

I realized then that I wanted to write music that celebrates the natural world. I've had a life-long fondness for the myriad mythological views that we humans create, and I know that most Pagans speak the language of those myths. I saw that I share serious common ground with the Pagan community. By 1997 I was on fire with the idea of building a culture that celebrates the natural world, informed by the works of Gary Snyder, James Lovelock, Starhawk, Carl Sagan, and the extended poly family ideas of Robert Heinlein and others.

The most common response to the music in the early days was "Wow! Pagan music that isn't a dirge!"

We did our first show at Nudestock 97, just Sue and I. By April in 98 we were laying the first tracks for Gaia Circles. We have been so fortunate to ahve the love and excited support of so many of you here tonight for this whole time. We've seen kids turn into adults in front of our eyes in that time. In the current musical culture, eleven years is something like a few centuries. I literally would not have been able to produce this work without that support. The myth of the genius artist slaving away in isolation is just that, myth. I'm deeply grateful for each of you making it possible for me to produce a body of work I can be proud of.

Art isn't art til it has an audience, and really good art rarely happens without people who have studied it seriously enough to call themselves professionals. You folks have paid for truly world class musicians to bring my visions to life. People like Dan Mohler, Jay Kenney, Grammy-nominated TJ Morris, our wonderful and amazing string players and a host of guests along the way... none of that happens in USA 2008 without money - and you, through donations, CD and ticket purchases, by volunteering your time to support us, have made these musical experiences possible on the scale we've managed - completely outside any of the standard corporate models. That's something we can all be proud of - we may someday make the cover of Rolling Stone, but Justin Timberlake will never make the cover of New Witch Magazine.

Gaia Consort has been the framework for a set of musical and poetic ideas, and after 11 years and four CDs, I think I've filled the frame. It's time for me to move on and create something new.

I hope all of you will stick with us as we re-frame the band with ideas and images that will probably maintain some Pagan flavor (if not Goddess references), certainly some poly flavor, definitely a bunch of rock and roll, under the banner of Bone Poets Orchestra. It may not seem like a huge change for those of you who are more familiar with the latest work Gaia Consort has done, but I think you may agree that it's a direction we've been moving in for some time. We're excited about the change, and hope you'll come see Bone Poets Orchestra for yourselves.

Love to all,

Gaia Consort
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2008|09:09 am]
Gaia Consort Fans

[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

the email server was down for a good while yesterday, and when our email bounced, it sent people messages like "unknown user" etc. And of course we didn't get the mail, or any indication we missed it...
*heavy sigh*
If you were trying to email, it's up again - please resend, you probably didn't have the address wrong... if it's not working still, please reply here or call...?
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An intimate evening with Gaia Consort [Aug. 22nd, 2008|05:17 pm]
Gaia Consort Fans

Sidhehaven is pleased to be able to host one of our favorite Pagan/Earth Friendly alternative rock bands, Gaia Consort for an intimate show the evening of Saturday, August 30th. Doors open at 3pm, Potluck dinner at 6-6:30pm, show at 8pm(ish). Suggested donation to the band is $6-$15. This is one of your few chances this year to see Gaia Consort live and in concert! Their next show will be Saturday, October 4th at The Shorecrest Performing Arts Center.

Weather permitting, the show will take place on our new Stage-in-the-round down by the fire pit. You'll want to bring a camp chair or a blanket to sit on.. and there is plenty of room for happy dancing Pagans!

Sidhehaven is located about 30 minutes north and east of Olympia, 2 hours (in bad traffic) south of Seattle.

My direct email address is: phoenix @ sidhefire dot com for questions or if anyone needs directions! (Information about the rest of the activities we are hosting that weekend is on my LJ)
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help for a fellow musician... [Aug. 10th, 2008|12:43 pm]
Gaia Consort Fans

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Hey folks;
we haven't posted yet about how amazing FaerieWorlds festival was this year (http://www.faerieworlds.com/index2008.html)... we really had an amazing time, as we always do, and are planning to find even more magic we can bring to the stage next year...

unfortunately, we've just heard that one of our fellow musicians at the festival, the lovely Priscilla Hernandes (http://www.myspace.com/priscillahernandez) and her partner were attacked when they landed home in Barcelona, Spain - they are apparently physically ok, but the attackers stole their recordings, equipment, and the money they'd made at FaerieWorlds... what an awful blow... Chris and I are devastated at the idea of travelling so far, giving so much, and being violated so terribly as they stepped back into thier home turf.

We urge you to go check out the site where the FaerieWorlds folks are arranging to collect donations for Priscilla, and help if/how you can.
here's the link: http://www.faerieworlds.com/priscilla.html

blessings - be safe!
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Gratitude [May. 3rd, 2008|04:47 pm]
Gaia Consort Fans

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how very cool and amazing to be in a band that inspires people...
I think about this fairly often; it's amazing to hear from people that the music has touched them, that it's made a difference... it's so worth the work and the energy and the hard times...
we got a box in the mail today, a 'fairy feast' of a gift, sent on the first of may, from several pagan groups (2 covens and a group of druids and a couple of wild beings, in their self description) - full of candy, frivolity, and really lovely little tokens to be shared with the band. I'm keeping a white and yellow crystal (quartz and something) and a lovely little knife shaped pendant of amber, silver and amethyst - and a bunny peep filled with bubble stuff :-D (I do love bubbles!!). I'll have to work them into my planned future fairy feast pictures... :-)

mmmm... I don't say it enough; I deeply appreciate the expressions of support and love that we so often get from our fans and friends and family... we are truly blessed. Thank you...
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Show Tomorrow - email issues - help :-) [Feb. 15th, 2008|09:17 am]
Gaia Consort Fans

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Hi folks,

we here at Gaia Consort Central are experiencing some minor techinical difficulties... it looks like I'm not necessarily getting all of my email, and my email from the home address will not send.

I've spoken to several people about volunteering for the show tomorrow; if so, here's info you may not have gotten yet:

We'll hit the show hall on Saturday at about 5pm
Call me on my cell phone if you need to get/give information before I see you at the hall either Friday or saturday - email me stinney at gaiaconsort dot com if you don't have the phone number, include your phone number, and I'll call you...
I will try to call everyone sometime today with details - sorry for the craziness!!
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Ride from Totem Lake [Oct. 12th, 2007|09:06 pm]
Gaia Consort Fans

Hi folks! One of our people needs a ride from a store in Totem Lake to the show. She gets off at 6pm and she already has a ride home. Anyone coming to the show around then?

Please e-mail me at chrisb@gaiaconsort.com or reply, and I'll send details to you privately.

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News for now... [Jul. 19th, 2007|02:21 pm]
Gaia Consort Fans

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We're off to Faerie Worlds Fest http://www.faerieworlds.com/ tomorrow... buzzing about, packing etc it should be an awesome weekend - so here's a quick news update:

Vitus Dance will be on sale at FaerieWorlds - for those of you who won't be there, and just can't wait for us to be home on Tuesday to mail you a copy out from our website (http://www.gaiaconsort.com), you can get it at CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/gaiaconsort4
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Vitus Dance [Jul. 15th, 2007|07:28 am]
Gaia Consort Fans

Got my copy of Vitus Dance in the mail yesterday. Wow.

Still listening to, processing, and absorbing it all. I offer a round of applause to Chris, Sue and the rest of the band for a job well done. The music is incredible as always, and the artwork is amazing.

Only one minor quibble: my name was supposed to be listed as a sponsor along with my wife's. And that's the only flaw I can find, so I'm not going to complain too loudly.
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DONE. [Jun. 11th, 2007|07:44 pm]
Gaia Consort Fans

59:45 It plays well, you can hear all the parts. I am a happy boy.

Sue is screaming along madly working on the booklet. I am happy.
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